Summer of Creative Chemistry week 7

Three attempts at Alcohol ink techniques, with three levels of success

I've been meaning to make some charms for a while, and thought it would be a good time.  the pink one was the most successful.  It was Alcohol ink Monoprint with Silver mixative and Butterscotch, Mountain Rose, Red Pepper and Pink Sherbet Alcohol Inks .

In Oregano, Lemonade, Stream and Sailboat Blue was Faded Layers.  not as succesful,  the colours didn't really lift through the stencil, so you can barely see it.  I added the rubs on and the stamping and it disapeared completely

Finally, Ombre, in Cool Peri, Purple Twilight, and Eggplant.  Don't ask me why but this just didn't work.  It really wouldn't blend smoothly.  I wouldn't mind, except I really like this one and have done it loads of times in the past.  I'm going to blame the horrendous temperatures in the shed  (35 degrees+) for just making everything dry to damn quickly.  Didn't even need a heat  gun.
It was the hottest day ever in the UK.  I probably could have done instant heat embossing just putting the powdered image on my car bonnet :(


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