Things every craft room needs

Now I've been crafting in my Shed for a few months, I now have list of what no craft room should be without.

Running Water

Not having easy access to running water has been a real challenge.  Esecially since modelling paste and stencils have becomes to fashionable.  Stencils need to be washed immediately so the paste doesn't stick to them.  I'm managing with a vat of water, but its very annoying not to be able to wash it properly and then put it away.

Central Heating

It was so cold this winter.  Cold and damp.  The shed isn't quite damp proof and not only did that not help, it made it reallyy really cold to work in.  I avoided it to be honest.  I do have a little heater in there, but its not the same. and it makes it impossible to hear the radio, or the phone, or baby monitor when its running.  The Dream Room will have proper heating.  You really don't know what you miss until you'so not have it.


Having to run back and forth between the shed and to the computer for stuff is very annoying.  Stuff just can't be "done".  It has to be planned, and then it has to have time to go to the computer and get things done in much the same way as the Shed and running back and forth is time consuming.  And soggy when it rains.  I guess I should then add to this the printer, the scanner, the cameo, and proper cabling so I don't have to rely on wifi wherever my room is.

Lots of surfaces

You can't have enough surface.  The Shed has approximately 12 feet of surface, 6 feet to the front and 6 to the rear.  When I first moved in there I started with approximately 3 feet plus another 18 inches dump space.  Then I cleared some more to get a full 6 feet on the front, and the 18 inch dump space.  in March I had another reorganisation, and I have now got another 2 feet.  I'm trying to figure out how I can move the last box to get the full run of the back counter.  I also rearranged my recycling spot.  (admittedly to the floor) so I now have more space.  And I need more. I like having stuff out.  The shelves help, but I need more!!

More Light

However much light there is, I need more.  I have one striop light.  My dad had also fitted an outdoor floodlight.  Not to mention the six foot by 3 foot window.  But I need another coule on angle lights to direct the light.    Part of it is wanting to do more photography in the shed, rather than having to move it for better light.

A Dedicated Cat Bed

The cat likes coimpnay and often comes to visit, but I don't want him on the work tops or sticking his nose somewhere it will do damage.  SO a dedicated pet space is probably wise.  Everyone should have room for pet/children so nobody gets left out.


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