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I'm finding that I'm generating a lot of spare stuff, extra background pieces made to use up paint, or minimise waste on a spill.  Its all stuff that could be used, if I just remembered I had it.
On top of that, I want somewhere to keep all the stuff I use regularly: #8 tags; A4 card; ATC's.  I decided to kill two birds with one stone, and create a holder for everything.  Behold:

The main piece takes just over an A1 sheet of foamboard. and produces a finished piece 615mm x 6" by 8" high.  Cut a piece 225mm wide off the short end, and there is space for the 4 large pieces (Front back, mid divider, base).  From the piece that gets cut off the two sides can be made, and it leaves the rest for other dividers

Its set up so the side pieces are inside the long pieces, and the whole thing is positioned and glued to the base pieces.  Using construction strips and PVA I assembled the outer frame, than added the main partition.

I worked out roughly where I wanted the rest of the partitions on the base, and then glued the large frame in place:

  And starting to add the partitions I realised something very quickly.  Not enough construction strips.  Arrgh.  I don't really have a close by local craft store, let alone one that stocks the tape I use - Scor-Tape/Sookwang tape.  Its amazing stuff, and strong as anything, but being paper backed, I can tear it!   So I had to order more. So I downed tools and went for a cup of tea.

A few days later, plus a session cutting more strips, I was back at it, fiddling with the dividers until I got to this:


Once I had my dividers where I wanted them, I glued and stuck them down, leaving the final job of covering it all.  I used sticky back plastic (very Blue Peter) as it solved the problem of quantity, and glueing it all down.  After 2 hours of measuring, cutting, and fiddling, and listening to original Star Trek, I had the thing done.

 And all filled up and its new home, it looks like this:


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