Pinterest as a sanity maintenance tool

I love Pinterest.  I got onboard quite early, when you still needed an invitation, and have enjoyed myself ever since.

I mostly collect craft room porn for the mythical day when I will have an excessive amount of space for my studio, and pictures of costume that I may or may not want to make for one of my other passions, which is LRP.

I do also try and make some of the things I find on there.  I've got myself a life notebook  (this one, I like it, so far it works well).  I've made a tugging box for my babies.  I'm working on more than a few interest inspired projects right now.  Its also helped me revise my opinion of art journalling, something which I'm beginning to think about a lot as I try and put my life back together.

But the real reason I love interest is that it was, and still is, a way for me to blot out the real world for a little time, and indulge income wishful thinking, daydreaming of the day I head the huge american style house, and the massive craft room.

Sometimes the best way to deal with an extremely shit life situation is to go away.  And if you can't go away on the outside, then you have to go away on the inside, and Pinterest was perfect for that.  Beautiful vistas of this world, or fabulous fantasy planets are a click away.  A couple of scrolls can show you the beauty of nature from macroscopic landscapes to the amazing inner world of the molecule and atom.

And its a way of having an illusion of connectedness, there are people out there who share your interest.  They Pin every day, or most days, reminding you who you are and what floats your boat.  It helps you maintain your interests, not just in your hobbies, but in you.


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