More Adventures in Cameo Land

Having had so much fun making the etched jars with my Cameo, and wanted to try more vinyl.  As it seemed so much like Sticky back plastic, I picked some up at Hobby Craft to experiment.  I looked around pinterest to see if anyone had some settings, and picked up the settings.

I wanted to try making some labels for my boys toy chest so they know what goes in what drawers.  I found some images around the internet, and on the Silhouette Store.  Oneson the internet weren't in a useable format so I used the trace function, and was able to get some reasonable traces.

My first cut, using a base of Vinyl, with blade depth 2, speed 8 and thickness 3, I made some nice cuts, but they weren't quite deep enough.  So I went to depth 4 and double cut, and the result was perfect.

But then I had some scraps, that weren't big enough to go through the Cameo.  So I stuck them to the craft mat, and made some more shapes

Now I have some picture labels on my boys' toy chest


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