Cracked about Pistachio

At CHA January, The Sainted Tim announced that the DIstress Paleete was getting bigger.  1 new colour a month, every month, all year.  Typically this was about two days after I finished my spinnin g Tower of Pads, designed for 48, not 60.  Arrrrrrghhh!!!!

But its only a minor annoyance, especially as it now gives me more impetus to finish my version of Ann's Tim Holtz Tower, which was already designed for more than 48 pads.  The new colours are (So far, four months in)  lovely.

Cracked Pistachio is a lovely mint green, greatly needed to be both bright (as in not distress/grunge) but also soft.  and I'm in love.  I'm not normally a fan of green, but this one has swept me off her feet.

Abandoned Carol, colour number 2 is a pink orange, I'm not a big a fan as I am of Cracked Pistachio but I can see how it fits.  Which makes me think that TST is filling out some of the gaping holes in the Distress palette as the industry revolves away from shabby/grunge/distress towards the more bright and graphic.

Mermaid Lagoon seems to be more in the vein of Cracked Pistachio, and I like it.  Its a mix of sallty ocean and broken china to my mind, so is quite bright, and feels quite a 'tropical' blue.  Blending Pistachio with Mermaid Lagoon is so beautiful.  It seems to be an attempt to warm the blue selection, which has been more cold blues until now

Fossilized Amber has been ordered, but has yet to arrive, but a ochre-ish yellow may lead to some interesting combo.

So where next?  What I'd like to see is a cool grey.  Pumice Stone is very warm, almost brown grey, and a cool grey would be great to balance it out.

Here is a pair of tags I did when playing with Mermaid Lagoon and Cracked Pistachio.


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