"Non Crafty" Items in my shed

Some of the useful 'non crafty' things I cannot live without in my craft room:


Yes, it’s a brick.  A good bond between two pieces needs pressure, and nothing provides even flat pressure like a brick.  Just a common-or-garden brick, that’s been through the dishwasher to get the garden crud off it.  

Kitchen roll, baby wipes, tumble-dryer sheets

These are the common items that everyone seems to have, and use in the craft room which aren't technically craft items.  I have them too, and go through baby wipes and kitchen roll like heck, as I don't have access to running water in the shed so they are used for washing/drying everything.

Baby Muslins

If I need something to wipe up spills, ink etc., that doesn't fall apart like kitchen roll, I reach for these, left over from the birth of my children who are now big enough that they aren't needed in huge quantities, so I've snaffled the excess for the craft room.


One benefit of having a district nurse for a mother is that when she kept hold of equipment that was sterile but supposed to be retired, she kept hold of it, and hence accumulated several pairs of forceps among other things.  These locking-grip scissor-handled doohickies are great for holding onto hot things without needing to use hand-cramping force on regular tweezers.  Forceps are a lot stronger than reverse grip tweezers too.


Moving into the Shed I've inherited the fixed vice that Dad had bolted onto his workbench.  It’s very useful for applying pressure, holding things whilst they dry.

Cobblers’ iron

Another inheritance is my cobblers’ iron.  It is fabulous for banging holes or setting eyelets without marking the table.  It also makes a great heavy weight.

Baby powder

Every so often I end up putting double-sided tape on something I shouldn't.  If the tape is on a spot I intend to cover up later, but don't want sticky now, then baby powder is my saviour.   Just pad it on with a powder buff and brush it off.  The baby powder sticks to the powder without adding any bulk.  I don't have to take a risk of ripping the paper trying to get the tape off, and it makes the project smell nice.

Old Iron

Yet another of my collection of heavy objects.  Very very useful

Lighter and candles

Candles are useful.  Need a big dollop of hot melt glue?  Melt it over a candle and then smear it on.
They can be used for resist.  I also have a oil burner that I use for making the shed smell nice and cover the mix of solvents and burning that frequently endows my workspace.  You can also get some pretty effects burning things.

A fire extinguisher

For the above candles, because playing with fire is better with a fire extinguisher to hand, especially in a shed that also contains solvents and other flammables.

In conclusion

Craft is what you make it.  Tools are where you find them.  And everyone should have a brick.


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