Teddy Bear Update

Even throughout the chaos of my life over the last 8 months, work on the Christmas Stocking Bear crawled on. The last time I posted progress, it looked like this:

 This is where it stands now, after an epic weekend dedicated to nothing but sewing whilst the children were with their father.

One of the things that gives me  a thrill as sewing continues is to break into new areas of the fabric.  There's lots of changing colour to work any picture, so there's lots of going over the same place.  Its when that bit is done and you can legitimately move into a new space that you feel like progress is being made. With cross stitch you can't just sew anywhere, you don't mark the design on the fabric, you have to work it out as you go along, so it can only grow from the start point, as you place stitches relative to the ones before.  So breaking into a new fabric area really is moving towards completion.

I've also hit another milestone in terms of completion.  I've got to the point where I've done all the stitching in one particular colour.  This is one of my big humps.  Once I start putting colours away, I know the end is closer than the beginning.

So with all the stitching and the milestones I've come around the bottom of the bear, stitched the foot, Finished the first half of the present and several or the ornamentsand houses (barring white and metallic threads which I always sew last to minimise getting dirty).  Probably still won't be done for this Christmas, but never mind.  He;s still young.

Still a long way to go though, back to the frame.


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