Distress Ink Pad Holder Part 1

I'm on a mission to empty at one of my Really Useful Box drawer towers so I can transfer nmy scrapbook embellishments in there.  At the moment, lack of easy access to them is stopping me scrap. I've identified that getting rid of the distress inks elsewhere would be a good way to do it. They currently actually fit rather neatly into a Really Useful 7 litre drawer:

A trawl of Pinterest brought me this, Anne Rostad's amazing Tim Holtz Tower

So in the search for something smaller, pinterest also showed me this:  Attic Scraps mini Tower.

 I loved how the shelves were colour coded to the pads, so I followed the link, used Google Translate to move from Spanish to English and used some freeze frame on the video

An hour later I had figured out a cutting plan for my pieces of A1 5mm foamboard.  The whole thing takes up two sheets.  A couple of days later I had this:

Somethings I wish I knew before I started.

  • Foam Board can warp.
  • Having a ruler long enough for the long cuts really helps
  • There is a magic way of cutting foamboard straight all the way through.  I don't know it.
  • I cut the sides of each unit seperately.  It might have been better to cut the sides as a single piece, apply the spacers also as one piece, and then cut the whole thing into two pieces.
  • Draw and measure individual pieces before cutting them. 
  • Watch the videos multiple times and follow the instructions

Putting the spacers on was very tricky.  Despite measuring, the small pieces weren't quite uniform, hence believing that doing it as a bigger piece that is cut up might be smarter.  As noted above, if I'd rewatched the video, I'd have remembered to draw the placement on, and use that, rather than relying on using the foam itself to space it.

Once I had all the pieces, I decided to cut circular notches rather than square ones in the video.  I die cut a circle with my bigshot (this squashes foam board, which is fine if you are just cutting a template, but not smart if you want to use the foamboard afterwards

So I have a pile of shelves with notches.  8 pieces without to top and bottom the shelves.  All I have to do now is decide which order I am going to colour everything.

To Be Continued...


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