Distress Ink Holder Part 2

So I have a set of shelves, and a set of sides.  They need to be coloured.   So I laid my Distress Inks out in what I thought was a good order

Its hard to tell from this image, as the tops of the inks have some stains from other inks on them.  I keep my piece of ink tool foam for each ink on the bottom of the ink pad, using a dot of velco  (an idea taken from Jennifer McGuire)

I shuffled it around a bit, and didn't like it, so in the end I downloaded the swatch chart from Ranger and went with that.  Its not far off, but instead of the browns going into yellow, and then backwards through the Rainbow to green, it goes rainbow coloures, then browns and black.

Due to space I coloured and constructed one tower at a time.  The whole job took about three hours.

Then I had to glue them together. I used IndigoBlu's Flitterglu because that stuff sticks to everything.  Its like PVA with special sauce.

I lined up two towers, and then added a weight to get a good bond.  Important note.  Pay attention to which way round you glue stuff, because once its dry, it aint coming apart.

Then I glued the two bits together with more Flitterglu and applied more weight.  Due to errors in cutting it ins't completely flush, but its not horrendously bad either.  Here it is loaded up with inks.

Next I added a tray to the top, to hold reinkers.  The tray holds approximately 36 reinkers.  I don't have 36 reinkers yet, so I've also thrown my mini ink pads in it too.

Eventually, if I can find something suitable, I'll add a lazy susan type spinner to it so it revolves.

So, what have we learnt from this?

1)  I need to get a much better ruler, and practise gettinga straight cut.
2)  Measure out all pieces, rather that using any cut pieces as a template, as any errors will get magnified
3) Its going to get very dirty just during contruction, so maybe use black to miniminse, or cover with patterened paper after.
4)  I love building stuff with foamboard


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