Jonesing for a hit

Its been just over a month since I moved house.  Christmas happened and then all three children got chicken pox, the babies really really badly, so things are a little behind.  As a result I haven't been able to make anything for over a month, and I'm really really feeling it.

When you have sanity issues, like I do, its not enough to just take your meds and carry on.  You need to do the things that make you feel  alive and not just a zombie pretending to be alive.  So not being able to craft is really hurting.  really really hurting.

I've got a lot of organising to do.  Having it all boxed up is a great opportunity to organise and properly inventory my stuff.  But I don't want to be organising, I want to be doing and there's still the rest of the house and garage to do.  One box has gone missing so I don't have important stuff like my camera, or credit card, or stuff for my tax return.

My  fingers are itching.  I'm spending far too much time on Pinterest looking at stuff thinking I should make that.  Foamboard organisers are really getting the attention as I can justify it by saying hat I' actually organising the house so I need to make them.  I'm also a demon on ebay, catching some great bargains, that I can't use.

I'm finding old blouses and putting them aside to turn into fabric for my quilt, and making notes on stuff to buy to get organised.

But its not enough. Its a compulsion and a passion as much as therapy.  so whats happening now is I'm not getting my therapy.  Its making me very very antsy.  I need to do something.  I guess my break from crafting is over.

Oh dear.  What a shame.  :D


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