Tim Holtz October Tag

At the NEC show I picked up a lot of glitter and Distress Paint, with the October tag in mind

I couldn't find the owl and moon movers and shapers die, so I put my shiny new Silhouette cutter to work, and used the trace tool on a picture I found online to make a good approximation.  I cut it from Manila as the Silhouette cannot manage grungeboard and my grunge paper is still packed away.  Having applied the glossy accents and glitter, I think grungeboard would have been better - the manila warps with the addition of the glossy accents, whereas the grungeboard is much stronger.  The warping also made it hard to attach to the tag.  I had to use a lot of glossy accents to get the volume needed to bond the warped cardstock.

Distress glitter doesn't half make a mess!  A wonderful mess, but a mess to be sure.

I also learned that when dabbing glossy accents onto a detailed service, try not to leave a film of glossy accents across the open holes that glitter can then stick to.  Picking it out of the holes is not fun and even messier than applying the glitter in the first place.

But once its on, oh my is it glittery.  its so fabulous. love it love it love it.

The final tag:

Just look at the glitter.  So bright, so sparkly.   And I love the background, its really spooky, it does feel like creepy moonlight.

Of all the tags I've done recently, this is my favourite. There's something very childlike about playing with glitter, even when its grown up glitter. The mess is very cathartic.  There's no high art here, no self conscious journaling or carefully constructed layers.  Just fun, pure and unsullied silliness that makes something so pretty.  Definitely going to do more of this.


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