Thoughts on Art Journaling

Theres starting to be a lot of overlap etween normal papercrafting, and art journaling.  I like the idea of it, but many of the pages I've seen just leave me cold.  They are, to my mind, ugly.  I like to make pretty things, and the pages I've seen seem a little...strange.  My husband even described Dina Wakely's work as looking like a product of a 'damaged mine'.

But a quick search on Pinterest (oh gods do I love Pinterest) showed that my assumptions are not enitrely correct.  Yes, a lot pages did meet the weird/surreal/'not right' aspect I consider typical.  But there were enough of 'pretty' pages to make me think again.

And I also caught Shari Carrol's pages for Simon Says Stamp on youtube.  I am a big fan of Shari Carrol, who works for Simon Says, Hero Arts, and other companies. Her journal pages are much more what I like, and I had a bit of a realisation.

Art journaling is about having fun.  If you want to do strange/meaningful/ugly  then you do it cos you like it and it makes you happy.  If you want to do pretty, do it because its fun and it makes you happy.

Time to break out the paint, I think.


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