Playing with the Silhouette

I've only really done a little bit with my Silhouette as We are just about to move house, so haven't got anywhere to put it, but I did un-box it for a play around.  I started with just a font from my computer and an M, and made my first cut onto a Manila tag.  This was the result.

My son was over the moon since M is his initial and anything with your initial on it is amazing when you are three, but it was hard to say which of us was more chuffed about it, me or him.  Though I did learn a valuable lesson - hold the load button long enough for the mat to be pulled all the way in or you just get a cut mat.

Next I tried something I thought would be really useful - the trace feature - now if I was stuck wanting a particular shape i just had to find a decent picture online and voila.  It came in handy as I couldn't get the the owl and moon Sizzix die at the NEC and I wanted it for the tag.  So I traced a picture of the die.  This was the result, eventually.  (after learning that trace outline is all you need)

I love Movers and shapers as they can cut grungeboard, and I love my grungeboard, but this will do in a pinch.

The Silhouette comes with a download card, so I toddled off to the web to download some shapes.  It was very very easy.  I got a word background for my next tag, and set it to cut on Manila.  I wanted to use stencil acetate, but have packed it away and can't find it.

You can see it really is quite complex here:

but it only took about five minutes to cut....

Getting it off took a bit longer.  Eventually I managed to lift it away.  It was rather delicate, and still managed to twist a bit as it came away, as you can see here:

It did miss the cut in one place and I managed to tear it at one junction.

And it left a ton of bits on the mat after that took ages to lift away...

But all in all, it was a great cut.  I had just one more test.  The 'Fill page' function.  This takes a shape, and duplicates it into the space of the page for maximum repetition.  I used a tag shape as I wanted something to make swatches for my paints out of. Et Voila:

As you can see, one shape selected turned into 27 little tags with holes.  They warp slightly when they came off the cutting mat, but a few hours under a weight soon sorted them out.

Results of initial play?  I'm very happy, and can't wait to explore more.


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