Hobbycrafts November

This weekend I went to the November Hobbycrafts, using my free prize.  I went with one of my usual partners in crime for these things, Rachel, and we enabled each other terribly.

The show itself was more varied than the March version, as some stitching/knitting people were also there, rather than sticking to Sewing For Pleasure.  The Art Materials and Crafts for Christmas shows were small than hobby crafts, but made for a nice variation.

I went determined I was only going to pick up some more Manila tags and the stamp set for the November Tim Holtz tag.  I came home with slightly more.  Look at all this!

And that's just the Ranger stuff.  I got a bunch of glitters and paints, plus some sundries like more tags and blending foam and another tool  (can't have too many).

But that was not enough!  I also got a handful of stamps and a refill for my ATG

The little pots are Treasure Gold.  I got a quick sample when I did the make and take with Clare Charvill from My Creative Spirit  (And check out her youtube, I love it). I'm looking forward to playing with it.  Its a guilding wax, and it feels rather slimy, but it adds a lovely metallic coating to card stock, its really really nice.

And I finally did it. I got one of these:

 I bought myself a digital cutter.  I ended up with a Silhouette.  Since Pazzles are now unavailable in the UK, I thought why the hell not.  Can't wait to hook it up and start cutting.


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