Hexie Love

One of the projects on my bucket list is to make a grandmothers garden style paper-pieced quilt, from lots of little hexagons.  For my birthday spending spree, I added two Sizzix bigz dies to the basket.  One is 1 inch hexagons, and the other is 1.25 inch hexagons.

The rules are as follows:  No buying fabric for the quilt unless its a) a remnant or b) from a charity shop.  I find the idea of buying fabric to make a quilt that is supposed to be for using up scraps of fabric a bit strange. and right now, I have more than a few pieces of spare fabric to use up.  Once I come to make it up, I am allowing myself to buy fabric for that, obviously, but for the top piece, it all has to be scraps

The same goes for the paper hexies themselves - No using virgin cardstock.  It has to be recycled.  I spent a happy afternoon last month putting old birthday cards through the big shot.  I'm looking forward to doing the same at Christmas too.  I also took the virginity of the quilter's beginners set I got at the Knit and Stitch show, and went through some of my project bags, and squared them up.  I kept the offcuts and put them through the big shot too.

I now have a lot of cardstock hexagons, and a lot of fabric hexagons:

I also saw a nice bright blue remnant in the fabric shop last time I was there and bought it on impulse. That went through the big shot as well, and therefore became the first fabric off the pile.  My first hexie:

The first step of a long journey; by my reckoning I'll need around 2500 hexes to make a full large quit..

Here's the first 1%:

Only 2475 to go :D


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