Tim Tim, the sainted Tim. Crafty ladies all love him (Creative Chemistry 102, first impressions)

My name is Notty and I am a Tim Holtz junkie.
I only don't have all his stuff because I don't have the space.

So Creative Chemistry 102 started today.  The format has changed slightly.  Its only five days long, but you have more techniques per day.  I'm not sure I like this.  I've got only an hour or so each day to craft, and that's fitted around the needs on husband and children and house, so its not even a solid hour.  It means that I won't get to try all the techniques and ask any questions before the class is over.  We'll see how it goes.

In preparation I did a massive shop haul at Country View Crafts.  Having seen the video, I need more stuff :)

Off to start Day 1: Distress Paints


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