Online Shopping

This is going to be a rant about online shopping for crafts.

Where is the perfect store for me?  So far, it doesn't exist, though Country View Crafts does come close.
There are three problems I have with online shopping, much as I love it and do it very often.


This is a usability issue, but many store have categories that do not match how I think.  this is mostly my fault, so I'm not really complaining about much that can be fixed, but I frequently have problems finding things.  Whats wrong with multiple category listings?  List under Tim Holtz, and Stamps, and Vintage


A lot of store have truly appalling photography.  Small grainy photos so you cannot be sure of the product, lack of back of pack options so you cannot read important details (not always relevant, but some products it is, like digital cutter design cards.

Out of stocks

For me there's nothing worse than the products I want bring shown and then not being able to buy. I know this is my problem, but it really makes me  irritated, especially when I already have a basket full of stuff. it's not something that happens in bricks and mortar sites, probably because I can't see what I can't have.
I then have the irritation of having to be notified when it's back in stock. I object to the simple act of putting in my email. Yes, I know it doesn't take long. but why can't I just click a button that says email when back in stock?


The last thing is that no one store yet has all the things I want to buy in one site. No-one has the complete Tim Holtz. No one has the complete Ranger. Or Hero Arts. Or Graphic 45. Or Or Or...  I know that these manufacturers have huge rangers and the line has to be drawn somewhere.  I just wish someone was psychic enough to draw the line right where I want it.

And its not just manufacturer rangers either. No one seems to do packs of cardstock, for making structure strips in bulk. I don't need all the colours, just say, white, black, Kraft and cream/vanilla.  And sheets of chip/greyboard in decent sizes for people who do a lot of construction. 

If you want something done right, you should do it yourself, but the truth is, I'm not quite ready for such a crazy dangerous venture.  right now I' might put my money where my mouth is, but for now, I'll stick to moaning :D


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