Knit and stitch

Last weekend 8 went to Ally Pally with some friends for knit and stitch.  I want sure what I was getting, but it turned out to be superb.  Getting there, normally a quick train ride was made terrible by signal failure. But once that was over there was some serious fun.

There a lot there.  I'm used to the Big stamp and scrapbook show which just about takes up the main hall, This show takes it up, over fills it, and then takes up two more smaller halls on top.  Its bigger than the NEC show in the spring I think.  There was so much to see.  Lots and lots of fabric, wool, and other goodies.  The demonstrations were packed solid and it took a good five hours to get round everything.  I would have spent more time if it hadn't been so heaving.  I think if I go again I may have to go on weekday.

In the end I bought a patchwork starter kit, (mat, rotary cutter ruler) as I intend to square up my remnant pile to make it a bit more usable.  Any scraps from that will go into my quilt project from the bucket list.

A thoroughly enjoyable day, the only downside being the extortionate entry fee.  £15 on the gate is ridiculous


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