Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 1

Well, its been all over for a week, and I've done as much as I can, but with such limited time as I have, I've managed to get about two thirds of it done.  CC102 has been really busy.  Its been more tags in half the time.  Below are my tags from day 1.

Marbled Paint.

I think this one needs a lot more practise

Painted Crackle

Altered surface.

This would work better on larger plastic surfaces than the shapes I have.  I think I'm going to get the plastic numbers he has, and do the technique on them when I go to make up the binders for the tags.

Stamping Resist

Much like the normal paint version.  I'd use normal acrylic rather than Distress Paint.  DP is just to runny to be quick and easy.


Quick and Fun

Eroded Metallics

The trickiest of the lot. This I still haven't got the hang of.


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