That thing where we make stuff and talk nonsense.

Some people call it a stitch and bitch, but since a session could involve only two people stitching, and one person making bear claws out of clay, one person knitting, one person attacking leather with a hammer and another person drilling holes in chicken bones for a shamen's necklace.  And the next meeting it could be dressmaking, crochet, pyrography and candle rolling.  Stitch & Bitch is hardly appropriate, so one of us came up with this snappy title :)

It kind of evolved by accident, starting with a few of us getting together to have a chat whilst crocheting, and then a new Live RolePlay stem started.  As we were all larpers, and all going to the new event (Empire LRP,  its awesome) they turned into costume making sessions.  With kit now mostly made and the lrp season drawing to a close, we're now heading back into more 'traditional' making stuff territory.

But the truth is, what we do is less important to me than the actual doing. Getting out of the house, staying in touch with other people (especially sane ones) are vitally important when you're depressed.  The pressure from your own mad brain to hide, to see no-one, to retreat, is enormous.  And giving in leads to a downward spiral.

So these sessions are, for me, more than the normal opportunity for a pleasant afternoons chat and craft.  its vital medicine/therapy. Crafting can be a solitary hobby and that's not always a good thing when your mind isn't all there.   I would be in a lot worse place without them, and now I'm home, I'm going to do as many as possible.

This weekend we just three, one of us crocheting a dice bag, the other was adding some embroidery to a costume, and me with my bear.  The few of us meant we could take a trip to the fabric shop and I now have some suitable apron fabric, so there's another project I can start soon.

Time slipped away, and what was supposed to be four hours ended up being seven.  But I got a lot done.  here is my current progress on the bear.  He now has a very definite leg.  And then I got bored with brown so did a few bits in colour:


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