Old Projects Exhibition - Mystic Dragon

This is another project that took a while to complete.  So far, its taken the longest.  Ten years.

I saw this design in an American magazine that had been imported, called The Stitchery Magazine.  I think the magazine itself is defunct now.  I picked up in 1997, whilst I was at university, and bought all the materials that summer.  I started stitching, and then the year end exams came round at Easter and I stopped.

Over the next ten years I picked it up, mostly in summer when there was enough light, and did a bit until 2007 when I decided that by hook or by crook I was going to finish it.  Out it came every lunch hour and evening until it was done.

Sewing on black aida was a challenge because I had problem spotting the holes.  I'd hoped to stitch it on evenweave, but couldn't find any  (This was in the days before internet shopping was easy and there was a plethora on online options to choose from. My local sewing store was doing well when it had linen of any colour in.)

The colours used are limited - just two or three shades of green, blue, yellow and pink, along with white & blending filament, and black for backstitch and they really pop on the black background.

The design was by Sharon Pope, and there is a companion piece, Mystic Dragon II.  I'm debating whether or not to start.


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