More Ink Dusting

I managed to find more spare moments to play with my ink dusters, and practising my blends.  They are much more intuitive than the brayer, especially if you are used to the foam, or even blending with copics.

First up, a simple straight blend. Three colours took about a minute to get nicely blended.

Then a bigger blend, this time with seven colours of Adirondack  (red pepper, sunshine yellow, citrus, meadow, sailboat blue, denim, purple twilight):

Where the colours meet down the centre is a bit ropey, and rather patchy.  Unlike the foam or the brayer, edges are much much less defined.

Third experiment.  Must remember to be careful not to lift the mask for the hills. Its a lot easier to do with the brush, especially if you fall back into the sorts of circles motions you use with blending foam.  Its made the top hill line a bit fuzzy on the left.

Have decided I cant cope without my kit anymore, and am now trying to figure out how.  I'm off to rearrange the lounge furniture.


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