Dumbing Down

One of the things I have noticed in the crafting world that I have occupied since I was seven years old is that there seems to have been a terrible trend.  Dumbing down.

What do I mean?  I mean there are things that were considered normal, or no more difficult than anything else when I was a little girl are now considered 'advanced' techniques.  Three Quarter Cross stitch is one.  So many designs for cross stitch are whole stitch only.  Which is a shame, especially on many designs, as it takes away an opportunity to make the pictures look a little more finished and three dimensional, rather than blocky and infantile.

Use of evenweave is another example.  When I learnt to cross stitch, using evenweave or aida was an aesthetic choice.  Sewing over two threads instead of one block was not an issue of expertise at all. But now when I'm reading magazines, sewing on linen seems to automatically rate a project as at least intermediate, if not advanced, when there is no reason why a total beginner couldn't cope easily with linen.

There seems to be an assumption going round that people who do crafting seem to be stupid.  And I think I blame the manufacturers. Its the only reason I can see for the insidious rise of the card topper.  Craft manufacturers in this country (the UK), seem to think all their customers are thick, and lack enough creativity of their own to make their own designs.

It doesn't seem to be affecting the American market so badly that I can see - there there are crafting super stars like Jennifer McGuire and Tim Holtz who are actively pushing boundaries, trying new and interesting stuff, and assuming you have the brains and application to do it yourself too.  Here you only have to spend half an hour on Create & Craft  and you want to open a vein.

Its one of the things that makes me irrationally angry.    People like Hunkydory, take note.  Crafters in the UK are creative, intelligent people who can do so much more than add glue to card.  Stop holding them back. Its enough for me to want to go up to their customers at craft fairs, grab them by the lapels and shake them.  You are not uncreative!  You are not untalented!  You do not need that tacky shit!

Burn your toppers.  Learn fractional stitches. Try more stuff.  You have nothing to lose but your limits.


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