The (not so) Great British Craft Show

This weekend I went to the great British craft show.  A friend suggested it for a girl's day out, and as I passed up the NEC show due to being very pregnant, and choosing to swap my autumn trip to Ally Pally from papercrafts to the sewing and knitting one already, I thought why not?

I was quite apprehensive about going though for two reasons. One of hard all about last year's complete disaster, a show that was absolutely fubarred from beginning to end. They've changed the venue this year to one that is bigger, so I had my fingers crossed.

The other issue was that it is run by Hunkydory crafts and create and craft TV, and this is where my craft snobbery kicked in. My expectations were low, and I wasn't disappointed.

The venue was quite a good choice.  Stoneleigh park has a large hall and there was both plenty of toilets and plenty of space to sit down, just not enough chairs. Its a bit of a slog from the carpark, but no worse than the NEC.

Its roughly the same scale as the Great Stamp & Scrapbook Show, but whilst it had a lot of the same exhibitors, the stock they had brought with them was decidedly low brow.  there was lots of dies, and stencils/masks, but little in the way of inks, paints, etc etc.  I was hoping to get the new set of seasonal distress markers, but no-one had them. No-one!

There was a depressing amount of card toppers, and other pre-made items that brought a new definition to the word tacky.

On the positive side, they had sorted out the organisation, in fact it was smoother than others I've been to.  None of last years horrors appeared to have occurred. I walked straight in, past several people positioned along the queue path to swap e-tickets and answer other questions.  Booking make and takes was to the side so it didn't block entrance to the main hall. unfortunately the one I was interested in was cancelled, meaning I'd driven up there at the crac of dawn for no reason, but at least it gave me a nice clear motorway.

All in all, it was a mostly wasted day, pleasently wasted, but still wasted.  I don't think I'll go again.  There are much better shows, lie the NEC, and the Big Stamp & Scrapbook Show.  


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