The Craft Barn

The bank holiday also gave me an opportunity to visit a store I'd heard a lot about, but never got to visit before now as its the wrong side of London.  The Craft Barn has large adverts in pretty much all the main papercraft magazines, and several of the people whose blogs I follow demonstrate there.

Its quite possibly now the most useful shop for me I've seen, and especially since my previous favourite closed down when the owner retire. Its not quite perfect.  It doesn't stock Adirondack ink pads for example, or have much in the way of DCWV, but its not far off, and also includes other things, such as a small amount of jewelry making kit, and glass and porcelain painting.

The building its also spotlessly clean, large, light and airy, making it a real pleasure to shop, and as well as boards of samples, they also have blackboards on the walk with humorous and inspirational quotes. My favorite was "A clean house is the sign of a wasted life."  (I agree completely!)

I would definitely shop there again, and didn't get out without spending some more money.  I picked up some more Lavinia stamps (love her designs). I also picked up a new special edition magazine, from Craft Stamper - A Card For All Seasons.  Time to go play with my new goodies.


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