Mission Statement

Sounds very grand, but it's just a description of what this blog was started for.
This blog is public, but the purpose is a personal.  Following the birth of my eldest son, I suffered from terrible post natal depression. It didn't get any better, and when I had my twin boys i had a total breakdown.

Now I'm trying to put my life and sanity back together.  I love crafting, and its one way I've got to help rebuild my mind. At this moment, my options are limited,  to make space for the twins, I've packed up all my crafting stuff, so I'm making do as best I can - planning projects, reviewing products and watching lots and lots of youtube and pinterest.  As I get back into the swing of things, I'll be using it to keep track of works in progress and as a reason to learn techniques and try new things.

So its a personal blog, not a commercial one.  Its just a way to help me craft some sanity into my life.


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