Craft snobbery

Of card toppers and "proper" crafting

I am a craft snob. That's the way I'd describe it.  Because there are things that to me, are just not crafting.  And it can be summed up by Create & Craft TV. 

CCTV is my guilty pleasure, but it's full of stuff that brings out the snob in me. so many if the product on sale looks tacky.

Card toppers are a classic example. I can't stand them. they look to twee, too commercial. cards made with them look handmade, but the sort of handmade that says "I didn't bother" or "sweatshop labour in Vietnam". I wonder about who actually buys them, because they seem to be very popular.

I wonder if its about confidence in skills, or lack thereof, or a belief that they (the people who use them) aren't very artistic, and so their own efforts to create aren't worth using.  Which is a shame, and makes me think that, inadvertently, the companies that make them are capitalising on peoples insecurity, which isn't nice, (even if they aren't thinking that).

And I don't consider it proper crafting, its not creating something new, its more a buy-your-own assembly line, and I don't understand why anyone would choose it over all the other ways of making cards that exist.

So you won't see me doing it. I like to think smooshing ink onto card, however badly, is way more artistic and creative that just gluing saccharine images onto the top of a piece of mirror card and then matting that onto a blank. As I said, I'm a craft snob.


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