CHA SUMMER trend watching

I've been watching all the videos from summer CHA show on you tube, and there's a whole bunch of common trends:

Chalk board 
Everyone has some sort of chalkboard product, paper, stickers, tape, journaling spots.   Carta Bella, My Minds Eye, Websters, DCWV, Theresa Collins.  I mean everybody.

Project life products
They're not calling it project life, but that's what it is, stuff for pockets and divided page protectors - more emphasis is being put on 4x6 and 6x6 pads, also journaling cards and smaller and flatter embellishments.  Speaking of which...

Enamel is the in thing, it can be poured, it can be coloured all sorts of colours, and can be shiny and just dimensional enough to be interesting and still fit in the average divided page protector.  Most lines have enamel dots. Minds Eye has gone one better and done more creative icons in enamel

Chevrons and hexagons are still in, but in quite a few paper collections they are also broken down into theur component triangles

Coral is the colour of the moment, featuring on many of the everyday/project life collections.

Christmas very traditional, after last years funky colours and most collections have a very vintage element and almost identical colour scheme of red white & green.


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